A series of works resulting form an exploration of sacred sites and sites of special interest. Now often seen as tourist sites endowed with the qualities necessary for the act of pilgrimage! By the collecting and collating of materials and observations, the purpose of the work was to  ‘bottle sacredness’ and work with these experiences in situ and in the the gallery.


Sites of pilgrimage include a souvenir shops of mass produced plastic angels, pyramids, crosses, Mary’s and iconic saints. These goods enable the traveller take their pilgrimage moment home, proof of being there that 'an experience really did happen'. During the medieval period the pilgrim would often carry an object endowed with symbolic significance, this took the form of a badge or medallion functioning as an indication of the completion of the pilgrimage. The modern pilgrim may carry holy water in a bottle from Lourdes, dust from Christ’s via dolorosa, an image of a favourite dead celebrity icon.


further details

betwixt and between

location Uffington White Horse,


object: volcanic basalt rock from Fife, sisal string

499.871 metres

location: Silbury Hill

an intervention in the gallery

in which a ball of sisal string

he exact circumference of Silbury

Hill is unwound