Selected artist, a 16 days spent in and around the grounds of Braziers working alongside and collaboratively with international artists including Narda Fabiola,Babatunde Babalola, Inga Beyer, Fiona Carabine, Henrique Calisto, David Chirwa, Nezaket Ekici, Ali Gonzalez, Nicola Gray, Keran James, Vineta Kaulaca, Francis lamb, Gonzalo Lebrija, Yoji Matsumura, Walter May, Niamh McCann, Jordan Mckenzie, Jorge Mendez Blake, Bernadette Moloney, Satoshi Morita, Gill Ord, Renata Padovan, Juan Carlos Perez Trejo, Gwendolyn Rowlands, Michel Soi and Luis Miguel Suro


A body of work without a need for completion or outcome:


A steel swing in the library attached to hooks embedded in the celing. These hooks were said to hold the cradle of the writer Ian Fleming, when the space was his nursery. Fleming lived in the house during his childhood.


Honey and honey combs for sale, with an image from a book found in the Braziers library of a man on a ladder giving an apple to a woman standing at a window. The ritual and performaive element of this image taking place during the harvesting period.


mobile cake store with wishes -small texts embedded in fairy cakes, including collected memories, based on moments inside the Strawberry Gothic space.