Manchester Green Room, 2008


During Hazard the artist positioned herself as health and safety officer, placing herself in Piccadilly Gardens. A steady flow of people enabled her to risk assess the dangers inherant in life, referring to her self devised health and safety guidelines. Particular attention was paid to ‘acts of god’. The public were invited to participate in an assessment and to join in waiting to see what dangers might occur.


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Passers by were given the opportunity to consider the risk inherant in a days shopping in the Manchester area, as part of the H&S assessment they were asked the following questions:



Are your shoe laces tied?


Were you given anything before you came today?


Is your clothing fire proof?


Have you taken any medication before you arrived?


Are you carrying anything that might explode?


Are you chewing gum?


Are you carrying anything that might be considered toxic?


Did you pack you own bag or let anyone near you bag or coat?


Do you know how to ask for help – can you do this for me now?



Passers by contributed their own concerns regarding risk, which included:



in the case of danger, acts of god, and possible risk the public practiced using the voice and a megaphone, to shout the following: